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Romeo & Juliet 2009

Much Ado about Nothing 2010

The Big Gig 2011

New Year's Eve
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Kettle'n'Wink Musicians

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The Canterbury Tales


• a Rough Coast production of a classic in a modern setting
• written and directed by Sarah Lincoln
• performed between 5th - 10th June 2011 at the Minack Theatre


We photographed the 8pm performance on 9th June. Photos can be viewed as a slideshow or individually by clicking on the pictures below.
• VIEW FULL SCREEN for best results! Click the bottom right button on the gallery page and Esc to return to normal.

The audience arrives...

The expectant audience begins to arrive... Act One

act one.act one.act one.act one.act one.act one.act one

After horses, chickens, wizards and ... fun ... it's time for Act Two full of emotion & drama

act two

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