We use the exciting new
Breathing Color
for unrivalled colour quality and long life.
A modern world-leading USA company, they even buy paper from Hahnemühle but use their own coating, claimed superior!

for Breathing Color:
Optica One Fine Art
Lyve Archival Canvas 
Pura Velvet Textured

We can also use 




These and others are papers span the range £15 - £25 per sq. metre. There is a prestige factor in being able to quote the names and technical details of these fabulous papers.

However, similar are available from less 'named' manufacturers, at lower prices, which once mounted, or canvas-wrapped, will still provide a long-lasting and lovely print.


We can use the paper you prefer. However, we do not stock rolls of all the premium papers as the cost would be too high. We obtain supplies of your particular choice after discussing your order, usually next day.

for best value we need to talk!

Pricing depends on so many variables, such as 

• PAPER or CANVAS print

• QUALITY of paper/canvas

• SIZE, FINISH and IMAGE DENSITY (how much ink is used)

Text or call Ian Maclean on 07779 224461, or email ian @ the web site. 

We recommend a 


"Our commitment - our promise - is to deliver
The Most Advanced Inkjet Papers in the World."

"These award-winning canvas and fine art papers are in a league of their own."
- Marcus Bell, named one of the top 10 Wedding Photographers by BBC World.

QUALITY - each print comes with a certificate of 100 years paper stability
RANGE - textured, matte or canvas - the best we've ever seen

COST - not too high, not too low

VALUE - check out the Vibrance Photo Matte below -
same breathtaking colour gamut and longevity

COST GUIDE - examples

Size Type Image Weight Retail
£ typical cost
A4 cut sheets Fine Art matte archival yours 300 gsm no £4
10" x 8" Textured or matte archival yours 300 gsm no £8.40
75 x 50 cm
Vibrance photo matte yours 230 gsm no £14
75 x 50 cm Fine Art matte archival yours 300 gsm no £20
75 x 50 cm Fine Art matte archival yours 300 gsm yes £25
12" x 18" Lyve Canvas print archival varnished yours 400 gsm yes £50
36" x 48" Lyve Canvas print archival varnished ours 400 gsm n/a around £120
36" x 48" VALUE paper POSTER yet still brilliant colour yours 230 gsm n/a £25



Retail wrapped means supplied cellophane-wrapped on a stiff but light base of 5mm white foamboard, ready for display in a browser in a shop or at an event. We can also create and produce a self-adhesive artist label for attachment to the back of a frame in due course, which is also displayed on the back of the retail packaging.

Your paper print can be finished to be displayed without glass, by lamination or by using a specially developed varnish with a certified 100 year archival rating - in matte, satin or gloss.  You could them mount it in a floating frame without glass for fabulous image quality and a sophisticated look. This is an example of optional choices we can discuss.

All canvas prints are finished using this varnish and this is built into the price. It is time-consuming and if you prefer the canvas unvarnished a reduction can be made but the surface is then much more prone to permanent scuffing and staining.


We can make the finest photographic image of your art and print from that. Best to bring the art to us for controlled lighting but we can visit.
Or you can supply your own file for us to print from; any format is ok and we will make the print look as good as we can even if your files are small. There may be a setup charge but as with all our services, we talk to you about the best value.  

Supply and copyright of the images for your unlimited use is available but the cost depends on the colour matching process, which can require several test prints on the actual paper to be used. We can charge for this either by a fee or by adding 25% to the cost of the first 10 prints you buy from us, so that you do not have to find a lump sum 'up front' to get your first print made. In this case we would not supply the image files until the first ten prints have been bought. 

Other commercial options are available - talk to us! If we want to help you get started, we can make the images at our own cost and take a royalty on each one sold. This can work well if we are offering your work on our gallery web site.


Alternative Papers and Pricing

We can print on any paper of your choice: either economy or named brands. We feel that we supply the best quality but if you want Hahnemühle, Innova or Museo or similar, it will have to be ordered in, involving a minimum order value.

Low-priced matte paper 210 or 260 gsm, costing as little as 10% of the leading brands, can be supplied and the image quality is still absolutely stunning - perfect for posters, stage scenery or just a big print for home. The inks from the Epson printer do not fade or change and our own posters on this type of paper still look identical after 10 years. Most papers do not come with guarantees of paper stability as do those from our recommended supplier.

Contact us

We do not offer an on-line print shop as there is so much to discuss about your order. However, once we get to know each other, the process is very simple of supplying a new file or bringing a new work of art for imaging. Please call us or email us about what you would like. All our fine art prints can be finished to your taste and even the enhancements by some artists such as sparkle or texture can be reproduced.

 Contact details below.


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