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Jan 2024

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Gorgeous Fine Art prints!
Stunning Canvases!
Glowing Papers!
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Now based in Watlington, between Oxford and Henley

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Fine Art Printing at its best

Highest quality fine art prints of your work using the best equipment

• art or photographs •
• archival quality paper or canvas •
• hand finished/embellished •



Giclée – using Pigment Ink?

YES. People use the word giclée to impress, but it simply means 'sprayed' - i.e. by an inkjet printer. HOWEVER the term giclée usually stands for the finest quality; we use the printer with the richest colours of pigment inks currently available.

Do the prints last - archival quality?

YES. We use inks claimed by the maker at 200 years before fading. We have displayed prints and posters in outdoors sunlight for several years with no change in colour. We use papers certified by lab tests to last at least 86 years before any ageing effects.

Can I afford such high standards?

YES. Using the latest technology paper, canvas and varnish we can provide this archival quality at amazingly low prices. 'Name' papers such as Hahnemühle cost more for no gain. Or we can provide excellent budget quality paper and canvas for lower pricing.


YES. For the most lifelike print, we photograph your original rather than scan it. The process is more complex but more 'organic' and results in a print that is a work of art in its own right. We understand our subject and use excellent lenses. We can have your art collected by a specialist courier or you can bring it to us - or we can visit.


Canvas and paper prints can be finished to your taste.  We specialise in creating 'hand finishes' such as applying surface sparkle or gold leaf.
We can LAMINATE prints to protect the surface for exhibition or outdoor display. The film can have gloss, satin, matte - or 'sand' and other textured finishes.

Can I talk to you?

YES. Best thing to do!  We price your work based on the actual paper and ink used for your particular print, to ensure the best value. There is so much to discuss about your print that we always find out exactly what you would like and how to provide it. 

See below for my contact details.

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magical light
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Jan 2024

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